Follow these steps;

Merchant code is 2020

1.  Dial *711*911#
2. Select payment
3. Choose Pay merchant 
4. Enter 2020 as merchant code 
5. Confirm payment

Available on all networks in Ghana

Your contribution to the Stop CoronaVirus Ghana Fund will help us:

1. Equip communities to prevent, detect and respond to COVID-19

2. Get personal protective equipment (PPEs) for frontline health personnel

3. Train emergency staff and equip them with skills to respond to COVID-19 at the regional and municipal levels

4. Purchase and deliver essentials like food and medicine to people who have been quarantined or are under mandatory isolation.

5. Create more awareness of COVID-19 prevention measures and social distancing to reduce stigma and stop the spread

Together, we can #StopCOVID19Gh